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The Greatest Gift You Can Give

TGGCE Gift CardOur gift card is just like any other traditional gift card. The difference is that instead of the recipient receiving a tangible item or service, the funds on the card can be used to make a charitable contribution to any of the organizations in our catalog and featured here on this website. You get the tax deduction and the recipient gets to direct the funds to the program that is most meaningful to them.

Gift Card Purchasers FAQs

Is it tax deductible?
Yes! The gift card is tax deductible to you, the purchaser. The charitable contribution will be made to The Greatest Gift Catalog Ever and you will receive a tax donation acknowledgment letter for the amount contributed. The Catalog will then distribute funds to the organizations.

What happens if the gift card is not used completely or not at all?
The tax deduction is not dependent on whether or not it is redeemed. The gift card is essentially a stored contribution device that allows someone other than you to direct funds to a charity. If the funds are not directed by April 30, we will be distribute them equally to all participating organizations.

Gift Card Recipients FAQs

Where do I redeem the gift card?
Gift cards can be redeemed on this website or by calling 817-922-8297.

Is the gift card amount tax deductible to me?
No. The amount is not tax deductible to you as you are acting as a charitable fund or charitable program director, not a donor.

If my gift card is for $50 and I decide to add a contribution of $10 to purchase a $60 item in the catalog, is the $10 additional contribution tax deductible?
Yes. You will receive a tax donation acknowledgement letter for the $10 contribution.

If I do not use all of the funds on the gift card what happens to the money?
Unused funds will be divided equality among all organizations.

Matching Contributions Program

All contributions made through the Catalog go directly to the organizations. In addition, all contributions made online, by telephone, through the mail or by gift card direction will be matched dollar for dollar by a company, organization or individual listed in the Catalog.

Once a contribution is made, the matching entity is notified of the contribution and the original contribution is matched. The matching entity has agreed to match up to that limit, which are listed here. For any questions about the program, please contact Christine Jones at 817-922-8297.

For a list of this year's matching contributions, please click here.

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